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What Is Daily Fantasy Baseball?

Baseball poolies that have played rotisserie baseball all their lives have recently started to hear the whisper of a fantasy baseball game that is gaining popularity each and every baseball season.

Daily Fantasy Baseball is the game and for those that don’t know what it is, we have the highlights of what you need to know.

Daily Fantasy Baseball


So...What Is Daily Fantasy Baseball?

Take your regular baseball pool where you scout out players, pick a team and play head to head eventually hoping to win a prize in the end…imagine doing that all in one day?!

Daily fantasy baseball is a fantasy MLB contest played over one day for money. Unlike regular fantasy baseball, your fantasy season can't be ruined by injuries or poor drafting.

As a fantasy manager you can create a new lineup every single day, and get to focus on fantasy baseball factors such as type of ball park, lefty vs. righty matchups, home field advantage, who’s hot and who’s not, etc...

Best of all - you can try it for free at several top fantasy baseball sites or play for real cash.


Advantages of Playing Daily Fantasy Baseball

  • No more injuries to worry about – You can set your lineup fresh every day.
  • Different types of games to play – Different daily fantasy sports sites offer different games - salary cap, pick’em, snake draft, even a stock market type of fantasy MLB baseball league.
  • Pick when you want to play – If you want to enjoy fantasy baseball every day, you can. If you only have time to scout on the weekends, go for it! Games are there for when you want to play, not on anyone else’s schedule.
  • Know your limit – You can play for free or you can play games wagering over $500 a game. There is competition at every level of daily fantasy baseball for you to play at.
  • Pick your opponents – You can play head to head, or in a 6 team, 10 team, or 20 team league or play for a big prize against thousands of fantasy baseball players - you decide who you want to compete against. Most daily fantasy baseball sites will even let you create a league for just your friends to play in so you can keep to yourselves as opposed to playing guys that maybe too good for your group.
  • Instant Satisfaction – No more playing out a season and hoping to win - you can win every time you play! Games end every night so you can cash out your winnings immediately.
  • There’s always someone to play – Unlike playing against just your friends that may get busy or lose interest, there is always someone waiting to get beat by you in a daily fantasy baseball league.
  • A sucker born every minute – If you are good at what you do, there is lots of money to make playing Daily Fantasy Baseball. People who can’t adapt to the differences of regular baseball pools and daily fantasy baseball pools suffer and lose money. Using proven winning Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategies that win people a lot of money...you can take these strategies and earn big bucks playing the sport you love.


What are you waiting for? There is a lot of money for you to make playing Daily Fantasy Baseball for real cash. Stop spending hours researching for your full season baseball pools with your friends for a total pot of maybe $500. There are players making that each night, you can be one of them!

Try it out and get a free bonus offer of free cash games when you sign up at FanDuel.com. Make your first deposit and get 5 free fantasy contests to play in. See, just by signing up, you’ve already made money starting out to play Daily Fantasy Baseball for Real Money.


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