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What Is The Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Site?

With so many daily sites jumping into the fantasy baseball landscape, one of the questions that we hear the most through social media is “What is the best daily fantasy baseball site?

We have decided to break it down based on a few important categories of what players look for in a top fantasy baseball site to help share our opinion on which site is best in each category to play at.

Biggest Fantasy Baseball Contest

Tie – DraftKings.com and FanDuel.com

Both of these sites offer the largest Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs) of any site. They usually try to one-up the other, but no other daily fantasy sites have bigger daily fantasy baseball prizes than these two.

Ease In Creating A Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup


It is easier to create a lineup at FanDuel than any other top daily fantasy baseball sites. That’s not to say that you will have an all-star lineup, but with some research, you can create a solid lineup at FanDuel without feeling like you’ve picked players that are complete backups. In other words the salary cap structure is the most fair.

Player Base


FanDuel has been around since 2009, and was one of the pioneers in the daily fantasy baseball world. FanDuel has been growing their player base from inception and were one of the first sites to do mass media advertising. Although other sites continue to grow, FanDuel has a huge player base and continues to grow each year. A larger player base equates to more available games for players to play.

Types Of Fantasy Baseball Games


If you are looking for variety of game types,FantasyFeud is the easy choice. Feud offers Salary Cap, Pick’em and Snake Draft games. Having 3 different daily fantasy baseball games is a great bonus for die hard fantasy players.

Software interface


This is a close one, as there are a lot of good sites with nice interfaces, but we will give the nod to DraftKings. If you play multiple games, their View Lineups feature allows players to view all their lineups without opening and closing pages. GPP contests are highlighted, and player stats and info are great options for daily fantasy baseball players looking to complete lineups.

Rewards System


Want to go to outer space? Keep playing games at DraftKings, and if you get to 130 million Frequent Player Points (FPPs), you can earn a trip to outer space! There are other lower cost options that range from $3 game tickets to VIP events that are hosted periodically.


So which is the Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Site?

You may just have to play at each of them and make your own decision.

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