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Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Rotisserie League Strategies and Winning Tips

Fantasy owners that make money playing fantasy baseball rotisserie leagues stick to proven strategies to keep the income flowing. When you are in a fantasy baseball rotisserie pool, using these winning tips will set you up for a guaranteed top 5 position (barring severe injuries killing your team). Then by tweaking your team with trades or waiver wire pickups you can propel yourself into the money.

Below are our Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Rotisserie League Tips to help you get a leg up on your competition...

#1 - Adapt To The Unexpected

One important tip that every new (and veteran) rotisserie baseball owner needs to know is that a fantasy draft is like a battle - you can have a great plan of attack against your opponents, but the fantasy war is messy and I guarantee you things won't go as you originally predicted. Players you hoped you’d get may end up with someone else, so you have to adapt to the ever changing rotisserie draft and adapt your strategies accordingly.

#2 - Study, Read, Learn

Do as much reading as you can, take notes and make lists ranking the players you want and put them in order. Read team pages, fantasy baseball articles, get varying opinions about players, look at stats, and pay attention to position battles. All this knowledge will come handy the day of the draft, especially in the later rounds when you need to decide on a player that you may not have expected to need to draft.

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#3 - Check Out Mock Drafts

An important rotisserie league strategy is to look at other fantasy baseball rotisserie pool and auction mock drafts to see how other fantasy “experts” are drafting the top players and how much they are paying. With this strategy, you can often find hidden gems that owners are paying up for or drafting in the early rounds.

#4 - Forget The Top 50

Everyone knows what the top 50 fantasy baseball players can do. Your fantasy baseball rotisserie league draft will be won in the middle and later rounds by the owner who finds the most fantasy "diamonds in the rough".

#5 - Don't Stress Over Wins For Pitchers

Pitchers don't control wins - the team does. There are great pitchers on bad teams that will dominate every stat category, but have only 10 wins. The best strategy is to look for strikeouts, low ERAs and good WHIPs. If these fantasy baseball rotisserie numbers are good, then you nicely cover 3 categories while being slightly bruised in 1.



#6 - Nominate Who You Don't Want (Auction Drafts)

In fantasy baseball auction drafts, an amazing strategy is to nominate the players that you don’t want…just make sure you don’t get stuck with them. Early during the fantasy baseball rotisserie pool draft, managers will overpay for players, so when it’s your turn to nominate a player put out names of players starting the season on the DL, highly touted rookies or other overhyped stars that you don’t think are worthy fantasy players for your team. Propose a player and watch the others guys in your pool use up their fantasy dollars bidding on them. Try to only make bids on fantasy baseball players that you actually want to have on your team (ie 5 Tool Players and 4 Tool Players), and most importantly don’t get stuck with a player on your team because you tried to drive up the price on one of your buddies.

#7 - Don't Overspend On A Catcher

Catchers in fantasy baseball are like tight ends in fantasy football...after the top 5-10 fantasy catchers, the rest are a drag on your team because they are just not 5 tool players or even 4 tool players. Try to draft a good fantasy catcher, but not at the expense of better fantasy players still on the board. If all the good catchers are gone, just shut your eyes, plug your nose and pick one. In a rotisserie baseball fantasy pool, if you find that all the top catchers going for way too many fantasy dollars, a winning tip is to simply pick one for $1 as your final fantasy pick.

#8 - Don't Overpay For An Elite Closer

Closers are like NFL kickers...a full time closer on even the worst team in major league baseball will still get you 20 or more saves. Their ERA may suck and their WHIP or K/9 may hurt you, but their number of innings pitched is lower so their damage to your team is less. Look for either set up men that you can pick up cheap or Starters with Relief Eligibility. 33% of the closers at the beginning of the season will lose their job along the way, so you are better using your fantasy dollars or draft position on other positions such as starters.

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#9 - Spring Training Stats Are Worthless

Spring training numbers are worthless. Don't over analyze them. Other than injuries to star players or position battles that have fantasy ramifications, there is nothing new you will learn from the stats that come out of spring training. Ignore...or even better, in an auction a fantasy baseball rotisserie strategy is to nominate players that had booming spring training numbers and let other owners have a bidding war!

#10 - Don’t Be A Homer

Everybody has a favorite baseball team (why else do you watch baseball?). The objective of drafting in fantasy baseball rotisserie league isn't to create a team with all the players you like from your favorite team...the objective is to win your fantasy baseball pool. Choose only the best fantasy players you can get at each position, if one or two of them happen to play for your favorite team or your home team then lucky for you. But homers end up being losers in the end.


We hope you can put our list of Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Rotisserie League Strategies to good use in your baseball pools and drafts.

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