Fanduel Fantasy Baseball Strategies - How To Win at FanDuel

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FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Strategies

By DCoop328

FanDuel is the premier destination for playing daily fantasy baseball. For those that want to play daily fantasy baseball at, here are some important FanDuel fantasy baseball strategies that will teach you how to win at FanDuel.

The first thing you need to know to win at FanDuel is about FanDuel’s scoring. FanDuel has strict positional eligibility (players are only eligible at one position) as well as a very simple scoring system. Because of this, if you are new to daily fantasy baseball (DFB), I would suggest be the very first site you try out.

Selecting Pitchers

The most important FanDuel fantasy baseball tip to know is that you should always select your pitcher first. At, there is only one pitcher position, so I would suggest picking who you think will score the most fantasy points that night regardless of price.

When selecting your top pitcher of the night, you should take into consideration that strikeouts and innings pitched are both worth one point. On sites like, who we've partnered with, innings pitched are worth more than strikeouts. This makes high strikeout pitchers more valuable at FanDuel. Also, FanDuel doesn’t deduct points for hits allowed and walks allowed. This gives a slight advantage to pitchers who are very savvy at getting out of jams, because the only way pitchers scores can decrease on FanDuel is by giving up earned runs (-1). When balancing out the two FanDuel scoring rules, a pitcher who pitches 6 innings, gets 10 Ks, and allows 4 runs will get a higher point total than a pitcher who goes 8 innings gets 4 Ks and allows 1 run.

FanDuel Pitcher Strategies

Selecting Hitters

Hitting strategy on FanDuel is strongly affected by the above pitching strategy.  You must spend to get the top pitcher.  Therefore, you need to find value with your hitters. Some positions I would suggest to get cheap players at FanDuel would be catcher, shortstop, and outfield. There are usually cheap players on FanDuel who get a lot of playing time at these positions, but just in case, MAKE SURE your value plays are starting!

Final Tip - Always enter FanDuel contests early in the day because they usually fill very quickly. You can still change your lineup up until game time.

FanDuel Hitter Strategies

RECAP: When playing at - the premier destination for daily fantasy baseball - always select your pitcher first and don’t be cheap here. When selecting pitchers, make sure to take into account strikeouts, because they are heavily weighted. When selecting hitters, use value plays at positions such as C, SS, and OF. If you follow these FanDuel fantasy baseball tips then you should become a winning player!


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