DraftKings Fantasy Baseball Strategies - How To Win at DraftKings

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DraftKings Fantasy Baseball Strategies

By DCoop328

DraftKings is one of the leading daily fantasy baseball sites in the industry. For those of you that want to play daily fantasy baseball at our partner site DraftKings.com, we have some very important fantasy baseball strategies that will teach you how to win at DraftKings.

The first thing you need to know about when playing daily fantasy baseball at DraftKings is the scoring. DraftKings is a very high scoring site. DraftKings also has a lot of positional flexibility including 2 pitching slots.

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Selecting Pitchers

The most important DraftKings fantasy baseball strategy you need to know is that DraftKings is different than most other daily fantasy baseball sites because hitting is weighted more heavily than pitching. Because of this, while playing DFB at DraftKings, you should save money by selecting low to mid tier pitchers. The way to do this is look for spot starters or just very cheap starters who have a favorable matchup. At DraftKings.com, you would rather have a 16 out of a 6k pitcher than a 26 out of an 11k pitcher. The reason for this is that you will be able to spend more on the expensive hitters you want in your lineup.

DraftKings Hitter Strategies

Selecting Hitters

Now that you have saved money on your two pitching slots, you should have a lot of money to pay up for hitters. I would select high priced consistent hitters at 7 of the 8 slots and then use the final slot to be your value hitter. Depending on the slate of games, I would change which position I would use as my value slot, though I probably use catcher and shortstop the most because of the lack of top options and the wealth of value plays.

The next tip you need to know to win on DraftKings.com is that DraftKings does not deduct points for striking out. Therefore, players that strike out a lot, but are still good hitters, are more usable at DraftKings then on most other sites.

This year, DraftKings will be adjusting salaries based on ballparks - so this season you cannot just play everyone at stadiums such as Coors Field. Because of this, ballpark factor should not be utilized as much on DraftKings, because DraftKings will basically be doing it for you.

DraftKings Hitter Strategies

RECAP: When playing fantasy baseball at DraftKings, select a low to mid tier pitcher with a good matchup. With the money left over spend on top hitters, but leave one hitting slot for value. When selecting hitters, high strikeout hitters are more usable on DraftKings than other top fantasy baseball sites, and ballpark factor is incorporated into the salaries. If you use these DraftKings fantasy baseball strategies, then you should become a winning DraftKings daily fantasy baseball player!


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