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How To Make Money Playing Daily Fantasy Baseball

By DCoop328

This article is designed to teach you creative ways to make money playing daily fantasy baseball at sites like FanDuel. Some of these ways are utilizing freerolls, utilizing beginner games, taking advantage of bonuses, playing cash games, and selecting opponents.


Everybody loves freerolls! Freerolls are a no risk way to earn money. Pretty much every daily fantasy site has some sort of daily, weekly, or monthly freeroll. There is no reason not to play every freeroll the site puts out, because there is absolutely no risk. Why not take advantage of them? If you are an average player and play lots of freerolls, you are going to cash in some of them. From my personal experience, I have had the most success freerolling on, as they usually pay out the most places. Freerolls are great ways to make money playing daily fantasy baseball for both DFS beginners and DFS vets.

Beginner Games

In Daily Fantasy Sports, there is no such thing as beginner’s luck. Beginners are more likely to just play their favorite players, whereas DFS vets know to look deeper and play the “value play of the day”. That is why some sites such as our partner DraftKings and FantasyDraft offer Beginner Games where beginners can play games against other beginners. This is a great way to get into daily fantasy baseball as the average score that cashes in these games is usually much lower than the average score in regular DFS MLB games for that night.


Using our links to sign up for a site can get you 100% and sometimes up to 200% deposit bonuses. Make sure to use this wisely and deposit as much as you can on your first deposit. When I first got into daily fantasy on Fanduel, I only deposited 25$. I now wish I would have deposited more so I could have gotten more from the first deposit bonus. Most sites also have rakeback rewards on their site, where they return a portion of the rake to you. They are basically paying you money to play on their site. Make sure to sign up for these rewards, as even though they are sometimes miniscule, they will eventually add up to FREE MONEY. Bonuses are a great way to make money playing Daily Fantasy Baseball.


Being partners with dfs sites such as FanDuel, DraftKings, Fantasy Draft and Draft, etc... we may receive forms of compensation for advertising. Please help us to improve the content on our website by using our links which will also earn you the best bonuses and deals online at each DFS site!


Cash Games

While large field tournaments (GPPs) paying out a $25,000 prize may look flashy, sticking to cash games is a much safer way to make money playing DFS MLB. The reason for this is that large field tournaments, which are fun to play, usually pay out only 10-20% of the field, whereas in cash games around 50% of the field doubles their money. Playing GPPs is more like the lottery, whereas playing in games such as H2Hs, 50/50s and Double/Triple Ups you have a much greater chance at grinding out a profit. One simple daily fantasy baseball bankroll management tip is to not play more than 10-20% of your bankroll in one night. And of the bankroll that you play on any given night, that you only play 10- 20% of that or 1-2% of your total bankroll on big tournaments (GPPs).

Opponent Selection

Opponent selection is key when playing head to head games (H2H). Be very careful when selecting your opponents in daily fantasy baseball. Try to find players that are beginners because they are much easier to beat than five year DFS MLB vets. Would you rather put up 45 points on Fanduel and lose to AlSmizzle or put up 27 points on Fanduel and beat NEWBIEPLAYER1? Opponent selection is almost as important as creating your lineup as you can get some easy wins by selecting inexperienced opponents. Some top players to avoid in Daily Fantasy Baseball are:

  • Condia
  • 1ucror
  • AlSmizzle
  • CSURam88
  • STLCardinals84
  • Primetime420
  • EHafner
  • Naapsterman
  • Notorious
  • DinkPiece
  • BirdWings
  • Headchopper
  • SocrDave
  • Kaiseroll13
  • Rickmillitar


RECAP: If you want to make free money, play the freerolls. If you are a beginner, make sure to play the beginner games, as they are much easier to win than regular games. Make sure you take advantage of all of the possible bonuses that sites offer and use proper daily fantasy baseball bankroll management when playing. Lastly, make sure to select easy head to head opponents and avoid the names listed above. If you follow all of these DFS tips and create above average lineups, you should have a great chance of making money playing Daily Fantasy Baseball at the top daily fantasy sites.

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