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Fantasy Baseball Advice And Etiquette

Fantasy Baseball BasicsIt finally were invited to join the office fantasy baseball pool with a bunch of buddies. This invitation to a new fantasy baseball league can be the door to many things - networking possibilities, new friends, acceptance among peers and most importantly the chance to participate in one of the most popular fantasy sports around – Fantasy Baseball!

However, how you behave and carry yourself at your fantasy baseball pool is probably more important than whether your team does well or not. Below is some important fantasy baseball advice and fantasy baseball etiquette for your fantasy baseball pool.


If The Fantasy League Is Being Done At Someone’s House...

Do – Bring a case of beer for the host, or if you don’t feel comfortable with bringing alcohol, bring a few bags of snacks for everyone to munch on.

Don’t – Get hammered on the beer you brought or for that matter drink too much of anyone’s alcohol. Some pools are serious business and nobody wants to deal with the drunken buffoon.

If You Are A Rookie Fantasy Baseball Owner...

Do – Know your stuff! You may not need to know enough to win, but you need to know enough to not look lost by the 5th round.

Don’t - Be that guy that does no scouting and then comes unprepared to the pool and has no idea of any players after the 5th round.

Fantasy Baseball Etiquette

Do – Congratulate a fellow fantasy owner on a good deal. If a player goes for a good price or in a soft round say “That was a great pick!”.

Don’t – Trash a player’s value while the bidding is going on. If you think that a player is being bid too high, keep your mouth shut! Nobody wants to hear that a player is overpriced and it benefits you in the long run that somebody has spent more than he should have.

Making Fantasy Baseball Mistakes

Do - Pay attention! There is nothing worse than a fantasy owner repeatedly nominating a player that has already gone.

Don’t - Be that guy! Once is an accident, twice is a problem! Mark off players as they are taken and then you don’t make the mistake or nominating a baseball player after he is gone.

Fantasy Baseball Pool Time

Find out how long the pool usually runs in everyone’s pool takes a different amount of time to complete.

Do – Take the time to finish the pool. If you know it will start at 6pm and run until midnight, that is the time for you to be there. Also, be there on time, nobody likes to wait for the last guy who comes late.

Don’t – Make plans for after the pool as the pool may drag on later than expected. Nobody wants to finish picking your fantasy baseball team for you. Also, don’t be late for the pool - that one needs no explanation.

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