Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy to win a GPP

Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy to win a GPP

Fantasy Baseball MoneySo you see the big prize pools offered at FanDuel and our affiliate partner DrafKings and think…How can I win the Millions of dollars that other people are winning?

You don’t need to be a Pro to take down a huge contest like FanDuel’s World Fantasy Baseball Championship (WFBC) but you do need to adopt some of the same strategies that the pros use when they create lineup for a GPP.

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What is a GPP?

A Guaranteed Prize Pool - it’s the term used for the BIG contests that daily fantasy baseball sites offer. FanDuel has their WFBC and DraftKings runs their Fantasy Baseball World Championship (FBWC). Millions of dollars are offered in prizes for these contests and a check for $1 Million is usually written to the person that comes in 1st. There are smaller GPP contests that FD and DK offer as do other sites but in general a GPP is a contest that has a low entry fee with many competitors with a HUGE cash prize to the winner.

Here's a recap from last years FanDuel Contest

For Fantasy Baseball, when it comes to a GPP lineup building strategy it is different from a head to head or a 50/50 lineup strategy. We have written general strategy articles like Tips To Drafting A Winning DFS MLB Team or Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategies (And others that you can find in our Strategy Section) but we thought that we should share with you some lineup building strategies geared only towards players that want to hit one out if the park and win a $1 Million playing daily fantasy baseball.

When you talk to and analyze how the pros create lineups in GPP there are three viable strategies that you can adopt. All three do work and if you do multiple lineups then you can try out all three so its up to you to decide which GPP lineup building strategy you think works best for you.


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Mention the strategy of stacking to DFS players and get ready for the s%#t to hit the fan! The strategy involves loading up on hitters from one MLB baseball team playing that day. The theory is that if a team is going to score a lot of runs then all the hitters in that lineup will have had a good fantasy day. If a player gets an RBI then another player scores a run and if you have both players, you’re at a huge advantage. It is such a big deal that sites have tried to curb it by limiting the number of hitters from one team you can have in a fantasy baseball lineup.

The reason stacking is a big topic and has been limited by many daily fantasy sites is because it works! Pros use it to their advantage, we’ve used the strategy for our daily fantasy baseball lineups and we do pretty well in GPP’s (No we haven’t won a Million Dollars but it’s coming…)

Because a lot of the DFS sites have made stacking more difficult you can use the “mini stack” for a GPP. A mini stack is deciding on two teams that should score a lot of runs in a given night and picking 3-4 hitters from each of those teams. If both teams go off…you’ll win BIG! Some like to stack a lot of Colorado Rockies hitters for the thin air at Coors Field and some will focus on other hitter friendly parks.

Stacking is far from flawless – you will have plenty of zero profit nights but you will also produce some bigger scores in GPP’s. Like it or not this strategy works in the long run if you are patient and are solid with your research.


More often than not, the guys that win a GPP or finish high in the money will have in their lineup the best pitcher of the night. There’s a reason pitchers are the most expensive fantasy player in a DFS lineup – they score a lot of points!

A hitter can go 0-4 with 2 strikeouts and you lose points. A pitcher can pitch 5 innings, give up 3 runs and strike out 5 and you will get decent points (Although you won’t win many games with pitcher stats like that).

Many top fantasy baseball players will look at picking the best pitcher of the night based on matchups, opponent and playing field and then pick that player no matter what his salary cap cost is. If you truly think that a pitcher will throw a 9 inning complete game shutout with 9 K’s and get the win…you will take him no matter what the cost is.

The flipside is that you need to take a shot at some cheap hitters that have a high ceiling to score you the points you need to win the GPP.

Generally speaking, this strategy is the riskiest of the 3 but can have the most upside depending on how well your ace pitcher performs and how many of your low cost hitters pay off.


If you go cheaper on your pitcher then you open up more cap space to load up on some big-time hitters. To do this you need to find the lower cost pitcher that will perform like a fantasy ace that night. Look for pitchers facing a bad offense in a more pitcher friendly park. I like to also pick National League pitchers that get to pitch to a pitcher 2-3 times in a game and I also try to make sure my pitcher has a high K/9 ratio so that even if they don’t have a stellar outing, they can collect me some points with the strikeouts.

After you’ve picked your low cost pitcher you get to load up on the big hitters that are playing that night in hitter friendly parks and facing a bad pitcher. Focus on guys that are also on a hot hitting streak and can put up numbers in all categories. This is a great strategy to use in GPP tournaments, because if you get a couple of top hitters on the day they go nuts coupled with a lower cost pitcher that throws a gem…you are probably cashing in a HUGE number that night.

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