Daily Fantasy Baseball Salary Cap Strategies For Stacking

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Salary Cap Strategies For Fantasy Baseball

By DCoop328

Most daily fantasy baseball games on top sites such as DraftKings (who we've partnered with) and FanDuel are salary cap fantasy baseball games. In this article, you are going to learn two of the most successful strategies for creating a salary cap lineup.

Stars and Scrubs

The first salary cap fantasy baseball strategy is called “Stars and Scrubs”. The Stars and Scrubs strategy consists of playing top players such as Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout, and Andrew McCutchen along with cheap value plays. Since your stars will be taking up most of your cap room, you will have to finish your lineup by acquiring scrubs.

The “scrubs” aren’t necessarily bad players, but instead offer the upside of scoring significant points at a low price tag. Spot starters and rookies are considered good “scrubs” to save you salary against the cap. Here is an example of a lineup using the Stars and Scrubs salary cap strategy using FanDuel’s 2014 opening day pricing.

  • P - Strasburg
  • C - Mesoraco
  • 1B - Votto
  • 2B - Galvis
  • 3B - Longoria
  • SS - Iglesias
  • OF - Harper
  • OF - Heyward
  • OF – Bourjos

Here you can see I saved money by using solid value plays such as Devin Mesoraco, Freddy Galvis, Jose Iglesias, and Peter Bourjos. These picks let me afford expensive stars such as Strasburg, Votto, and Harper. When selecting value plays MAKE SURE your players are starting that day!


The second salary cap fantasy baseball strategy to use is “Stacking”. By stacking a team, you load up on hitters from a particular team (sometimes two teams). When using the stacking strategy, you should always select players with a superb matchup. Having a great matchup means facing a horrible pitcher or playing at a hitter friendly ballpark. By using the stacking strategy, if the team you select puts up more than eight runs, you should be in for a successful and profitable night.


RECAP: When playing salary cap daily fantasy baseball games for real money at sites such as FanDuel.com, you should manage your salary cap by using either the stars and scrubs strategy or the stacking strategy. You should not pick one of these to use every night, because different game slates lend themselves better to different fantasy baseball salary cap strategies.


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