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Daily Fantasy Baseball Salary Cap Management

By DCoop328

For daily fantasy baseball salary cap games, sometimes it is very hard to choose which positions to spend your salary on and which to save money on. In this article, you will learn about daily fantasy baseball salary cap management to help you win more money when playing at sites like FanDuel.

The first strategy is to spend a good chunk of your money on the pitcher’s slot (not necessarily the case at DraftKings.com – see DraftKings Fantasy Baseball Strategies). Pitchers earn more points than any other position, so you should go for the best possible pitcher, with the best matchup, regardless of price.

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For hitters, salary distribution is very important. Most daily fantasy baseball players don’t know which position to spend their salary on – but you should always have a strategy.

Value Plays

There are certain positions where you need to save your salary by using value plays. Value plays are players that are cheap, but still have solid upside. You should play your value plays when they have a solid matchup. The catcher position is one that you should almost always use as a value slot. Many players make the mistake of paying up for high priced catchers such as Buster Posey or Brian McCann.

Instead, you should select cheap catchers, or backup catchers making a spot start. The two middle infield positions are also good to use as value plays. Since most second basemen and shortstops are not great hitters, there are usually cheap value plays at these two positions. This strategy does not work every night, especially on short slates, but most of the time this is the strategy that top daily fantasy baseball experts use when playing salary cap games.

Spending Money

With the money you saved from your value plays, you now can spend money at the top hitting positions. These include: first base, third base, and outfield. You should spend money at these positions, because they have the highest scoring players. You should almost always spend money at the corner infield positions on top players such as Miguel Cabrera and Freddie Freeman. Since most sites have 3 outfield positions, I would use 2 of them as high salary players and use 1 as a value play.

RECAP: When playing salary cap games, distribute your salary by saving money at certain positions on value plays and by spending money at other positions on high priced players. Below are the positions that you should spend on and the ones in which you should save.

  • P: Top Dollar
  • C: Value Player
  • 1B: High Priced Player
  • 2B: Value Play
  • 3B: High Priced Player
  • SS: Value Play
  • OF1: High Priced Player
  • OF2: High Priced Player
  • OF3: Value Play

If you follow these important daily fantasy baseball salary cap management tips, then you should become a winning player at sites such as FanDuel.com.


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