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Pitcher Friendly Ballparks

Have you ever seen a pitcher move from one team to another and have an excellent season or two or instead sign with a new team and struggle a bit when they got to their new destination? Well, we often wonder why this happens, but a part of it has to do with the fact that pitchers could be going from pitcher friendly ballparks to hitter friendly ballparks, or vice versa or simply a park that falls somewhere in the middle. Regardless, there are definitely a huge difference between many parks in terms of how nice they are for pitchers

This is definitely something that you should consider when choosing your daily fantasy baseball teams at a site like FanDuel.com as it can make or break your lineups.

Here is a list to keep handy when choosing your lineups so you know the most pitcher friendly ballparks in the MLB.

Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles Dodgers MLB LogoLos Angeles Dodgers - While there are some hitters who get an edge at a few of the pitcher friendly stadiums, they can still be considered pitcher's parks. A prime example of this is going to be Dodger Stadium. Left handed hitters do fairly well there, but pitchers are still considered to have the edge here. As you can tell, a few lefties have done well in this stadium, but we see pitchers regularly put together stellar performances here. As far as the rankings go, Dodger Stadium comes in as one of the worst venues in the league for doubles and triples.

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Oakland A's MLB LogoOakland A's - Just because a ballpark doesn't look like it would be pitcher friendly, doesn't mean that it's not. This park may not have the dimensions that you'd expect from a pitcher's park, but it still has put up numbers that make you realize that it's a pitcher's park as well. Left handed hitters really struggle at this stadium, and a large reason as to why pitchers get some help here is that the foul territory is very large, actually ranking as the largest out of all of the MLB stadiums out there.

Busch Stadium

St. Louis Cardinals MLB LogoSt. Louis Cardinals - The St. Louis Cardinals have had some great seasons in the past, and Busch Stadium has also seen some great performances from pitchers throughout their time in as well. Out of many of the top offensive categories like runs, homers, and hits, this stadium comes in ranking near the bottom, which makes it an obvious choice as a pitcher friendly stadium. Similar to Dodger stadium, players get a slight advantage if they are lefties, but the right handed hitters are going to have a rough go of it normally.

Safeco Field

Seattle Mariners MLB LogoSeattle Mariners - The Seattle Mariners may have had some rough seasons over the past few years, but a part of it could have something to do with their awful offensive play. Hitters have had a rough time in Safeco Park, and we haven't seen a ton of players head to Seattle and excel in terms of hitting the ball. In the American League, I'd have to say that Safeco is one of the most pitcher friendly parks out there.

Petco Park

San Diego Padres MLB LogoSan Diego Padres - Petco Park is the home of the San Diego Padres, and this is the top option out there for a pitchers park in the MLB. You are going to find some seriously tight, low scoring games throughout the season here, and left handed hitters struggle big time when they head to play against the Padres. It seems that the Padres have focused on bringing in strong pitchers in the past, which is a very good way to do things because being able to win those close pitchers' duels is important in these types of games at Petco.

There you have it - the top pitcher friendly parks in the league.

Consider these parks when choosing both pitchers and hitters for your fantasy baseball league, especially when playing for real money at a site like FanDuel!


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