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Hitter Friendly Ballparks

In terms of daily fantasy baseball, you are going to find that there are quite a few things to consider when choosing your players. One of them is going to include something that you may not consider right off the bat - what ballparks are the most hitter friendly ballparks out there? Hitter friendly stadiums can include ballparks that feature many home runs, and a place where many extra base hits happen.

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Here is our list of hitter friendly ballparks - these Major League Baseball parks are going to see the most home runs and many extra base hits, as well as quite a few shootouts as well.

Great American Ball Park

Cincinnati Reds MLB LogoCincinnati Reds - The Great American Ball Park has seen its fair share of big games since way back in 2003. This is the home of the Cincinnati Reds in Ohio, and we've seen a total of 2.58 average home runs per game, and a key reason for this is because of the short dimensions that are down the lines. You are going to see quite a few doubles and some triples mixed in here as well, and over the past five years there have actually been the most home runs of any ball park.

Yankee Stadium

New York Yankees MLB LogoNew York Yankees - When the New York Yankees opened up their new hitter friendly ballpark, right off the bat we saw runs flying onto the board. Teams weren't struggling to score in any way, and a large part of that is because right field is only 314 feet, while left field is only 318 feet. There also seems to be a wind tunnel shooting out to right-center. Home runs aren't overly tough to hit in this ball park, and in 2011 the new ball park for the Yankees averaged 2.58 home runs per game. The Yankees may have one of the higher paid rosters out there, and they won't have too much trouble hitting deep balls in their home park.

Coors Field

Colorado Rockies MLB LogoColorado Rockies - There's a good chance that you've heard the talks about Coors Field multiple times before. The Colorado Rockies and their home stadium are known for some serious offensive production both on their side and on their opponent's side as well. You'll hear the typical argument that the air is thin at such a high altitude making the ball travel further, and that's a true argument. In 2011, the Rockies ended up averaging 2.42 home runs per game, and they've had some very high scoring games in past years. This is the definition of a hitter friendly stadium.

Rangers Ballpark

Texas Rangers MLB LogoTexas Rangers - The Rangers Ball Park in Arlington has to be a favorite of players, mainly because not only the air is dry, but the wind blowing out constantly as well, helping players give a good ride on the ball. Players are able to hit a good amount of home runs in this stadium, and there were an average of 2.81 home runs per game back in 2011 in this stadium. We've seen a lot of long balls hit here, and some very strong offensive players playing for the Texas Rangers, or opponents having their biggest games in this ball park.

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