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2015 Starters With Relief Eligibility

Carlos MartinezFor fantasy baseball dinosaurs that still do their season long Yahoo fantasy baseball leagues or CBS Sports fantasy baseball pools, the Starters with Relief Eligibility trick is one that many past champions have taken advantage of.

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Here is our list of 2015 Starters with Relief Eligibility:

Carlos Martinez (St. Louis Cardinals)

We had Martinez in this column a year ago and he only made 7 starts. His numbers were “OK” - so it would have still been a good pick if you didn’t reach in value for him. Martinez is a top prospect who has great stuff and will be fighting for a 5th spot in the Cardinals rotation. Watch how he does this spring and pay attention, he has been mentioned as trade bait so, if he was to be sent packing, it may affect his role on 2015.

Carlos Carrasco (Cleveland Indians)

Carrasco would be a gem for your team if you can put him in as a reliever. He only made 14 starts out of 40 appearances, so he should easily qualify, but he will be a top starter for the Indians in 2015. His Ks/9 are great and he had an awesome ERA and WHIP last year. You will probably be paying starting pitcher prices for him, but he will make a nice fill in for your relief pitcher position.

Alex Wood (Atlanta Braves)

Wood started 26 games last year and he is in the rotation to stay, but he had 11 days out of the pen, so he qualifies as a 2015 Starting Pitcher with Reliever Eligibility. Wood's numbers are just what you want and he is a young star on the rise. Even if he was to regress in 2015, he is an upgrade over many relievers out there.

Danny Duffy (Kansas City Royals)

Like Wood above, check your Fantasy Baseball rules for what qualifies a starter to have reliever eligibility. Duffy started 25 out of 31 appearances, so in some fantasy baseball pools, he may not qualify. Although his Ks/9 is a bit low, his ERA and WHIP make up for it. He is a nice option to consider for the flexibility as a mid-round option in your fantasy draft.

Matt Shoemaker (Los Angeles Angels)

Shoemaker made 20 starts and had great numbers in 2014. He will be the 4th or 5th starter in LA this year, but because he came out of the pen 7 times, he should still be classified as a reliever in many fantasy baseball leagues. The Angels trusted him enough to start in the ALDS, so his spot is safe in the rotation in 2015.


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