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2014 Fantasy Baseball Players To Watch

Mike TroutWhile we can talk about fantasy baseball sleepers and players who could have an impact on your team this coming year, the most important thing that you can think about is making sure that you find the consistent players who are going to do it for your fantasy team pretty much night in and night out.

It's not easy to make sure that you have 1-2 consistent studs on your team, especially since injuries are going to happen. This is why making sure that you know what fantasy baseball players to watch for in your draft is very important, and here we are going to take a look at a few players who you should absolutely have your eye on for the 2014 MLB fantasy season.

Speaking of fantasy leagues, you should put every one of these players on your fantasy baseball radar when creating daily fantasy baseball lineups for real money at FanDuel.com in 2014.

Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels – OF)

After 2012, I wasn't sure what Mike Trout was going to be able to do in 2013. He just kept doing his job though, and doing it better and better. He actually had an incredible year, and the 22 year old is showing no signs of slowing down. He's got an incredible combination of power and speed, and it's likely that he'll be the best player in fantasy baseball for quite a few years to come. If Trout doesn't end up being the first pick in your fantasy baseball draft, then I'm willing to bet that he's gone as the 2nd pick.

Clayton Kershaw (Los Angeles Dodgers – P)

Clayton Kershaw is an absolute animal on the mound. He's scary good…so good that you literally aren't going to be able to pass him up. He won his second Cy Young award in the last three years, and had an absolutely incredible 1.82 ERA this past year. Kershaw also had 232 strikeouts, which was the best in the MLB, and also the led the league in WHIP (0.92). He was on the mound for a total of 236 innings as well, so it's not like he didn't put the time in. He's amazing in real life, he's amazing in fantasy, and he's basically just an all-around baseball stud.

Robinson Cano (Seattle Mariners - 2B)

Looks weird even writing "Robinson Cano" and "Seattle Mariners" together. Cano had another great fantasy season last year, and he'll do it once again this year with a Seattle team who is looking to turn it around. Cano is going to want to show everyone that he really is worth all this money, even though the Yankees wouldn't pay it. However, beware that his HR numbers may suffer a bit without the short porch of Yankee Stadium.

David Wright (New York Mets - 3B)

Wright was hit with the injury bug once again last year, but I think that he bounces back in a big way from his injury and sees another All-Star type of year. Wright is a complete stud, and although last year’s numbers don't look great because of the injuries, he'll have huge fantasy numbers in 2014.

Others To Consider

  • Miguel Cabrera (Tigers – 3B) - Miggy is a perennial “Triple Crown” threat. We expect him to put up nice numbers again in 2014. Really can’t go wrong with Cabrera.
  • Paul Goldschmidt (Diamondbacks – 1B) - Goldschmidt has emerged as one of the top 1B options in fantasy baseball. He has power, gets walked and is a doubles machine.
  • Andrew McCutchen (Pirates - OF) - MVP potential every single year. McCutchen is about as consistent and solid as they come.
  • Joey Votto (Reds – 1B) - The Reds are lucky to have such a great player and guy at 1B. Votto may lead the league in walks and rarely strikes out. He’ll put up great power numbers and get on base for you. Great pick!

Use these 2014 fantasy baseball players to watch as a base for your daily fantasy games at FanDuel this year and rack up the cash playing fantasy baseball!


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