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Why Is Daily Fantasy Baseball Replacing Full Season Fantasy Baseball?

Uncle Same Fantasy BaseballIn my youth, getting together with friends to draft a full season fantasy baseball team was easy to co-ordinate. We’d all pick a date and everything would run smoothly.

As I got older…work, family, kids and other responsibilities started getting in the way of organizing our full season fantasy baseball league.

People would drop out and we would go from a strong fantasy league of 15 players, to about 8 or 9. Every year the numbers would fluctuate and people also started to do the pools using the online draft function we had set up. The lack of face to face became a bit of a turnoff. It just wasn’t fun anymore.

Also, staying in touch just became more difficult through our fantasy baseball league.

Then, I discovered Daily Fantasy Baseball at FanDuel.com.

No longer did I have to invest my time and effort picking a fantasy baseball team, that due to injuries and poor play, had me out of the pool by June. I joined up at Fanduel at first, and got our entire league to join up as well.

I would play individually against others on the site, but once or twice a week we would create private leagues amongst ourselves to play in a fantasy baseball pool for some small amounts. We would usually play twice a week against each other and each put in $5 per daily fantasy baseball game. Money was just kept in our accounts and it was a great way to keep in touch with my old friends without sacrificing too much.

More and more people are joining the trend…

It is estimated that over 50 million people in the U.S. play fantasy sports in their own organized office or friend pools. Of those 50 million, roughly 50,000-60,000 have tried and joined at least one daily fantasy site to check it out. Many of the regulars make a pretty good living at it with some top daily fantasy players making over $30,000 annually through head to head games, private league games, freerolls and other fantasy contests that are offered on the sites.

As more and more fantasy players head into the next big thing on the internet, more and more fantasy sites continue to pop up. There are about 15 top daily fantasy sports sites and fantasy baseball is their biggest draw by far.

Fantasy baseball will always have its season long pools and will continue to thrive in the basements of people’s homes for years to come, but daily fantasy baseball will continue to carve out a stake in the fantasy baseball territory and become one of the biggest online endeavors – all within a few short years. Daily Fantasy Baseball is definitely winning the full season vs. daily fantasy baseball war.

I still join my buddies each spring for our full season fantasy baseball draft, but we all made sure to log into our daily fantasy accounts (now hosted at our affiliate partner DraftKings.com) as well, to continue the fun and the money making opportunities for the entire fantasy baseball season.


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