What Is The Most Valuable Position In Daily Fantasy Baseball?

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What Is The Most Valuable Position In DFS MLB?

By DCoop328

Pitching wins championships. Ask Greg Maddux and the ’95 Braves. Just like the real MLB, the key to winning your Daily Fantasy Baseball contest is pitching.

When making your DFS MLB lineup at a site like FanDuel.com, always select your pitcher first and then fill in the rest of your team with the remaining salary available. If you select hitters first, you will probably not have enough to get a top pitcher. I ALWAYS put in the research and select my top pitcher of the night, regardless of price.

The reason the pitcher is the most important position in DFS is they are the most reliable performers when they have a good matchup...whereas a stud hitter like Mike Trout might have the perfect matchup at Yankee Stadium and still go 0-4 with 3 strikeouts. In other words, pitchers are a lot more predictable than hitters.

Here are some tips to picking a quality Daily Fantasy Baseball pitcher:


The most important factor is the matchup. Make sure to pick a Daily Fantasy Baseball pitcher who has a good matchup. By good matchup, I mean playing a team who has one of the bottom 10 (preferably bottom 5) offenses in the MLB. An example of this would be taking a pitcher against the Marlins and fading a pitcher against the Red Sox.

Pitcher VS Batter

I believe this tool is one of the most effective to use when selecting a Daily Fantasy Baseball pitcher. Look through the team’s starting lineup and see how the pitcher you are considering has faired against specific players. I like to find my P vs. B stats on DailyBaseballData.com.

Ballpark Factor

The third and final factor to take into consideration when picking a Daily Fantasy Baseball pitcher is the ballpark factor. Make sure you know which ballparks are more advantageous for pitchers (see our List of Pitcher Friendly Ballparks) and which stadiums tend to fair well for hitters (see our List of Hitter Friendly Ballparks). This is knowledge you need to know to succeed in Daily Fantasy MLB. An example of this would be starting a pitcher at Petco Park and fading one playing at Coors Field. Also home/road splits are good to check out when selecting your Daily Fantasy Baseball pitcher because some pitchers are great at home and terrible on the road.

RECAP: Make sure you sure you select your Daily Fantasy Baseball pitcher first before you select any of your hitters. Put in your research and make sure to look at the pitcher’s matchup, pitcher vs. batter, and ballpark factor before making your selection for the pitcher position.

Note: For sites with two pitcher slots, I would suggest taking your top two pitchers of the night in those slots, though taking one would be OK as it is not as much of a MUST as on one pitcher sites.


Use these tips to win money playing daily fantasy baseball every day at some of the top DFS sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings.


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